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Interview: Malaysia Player of Year 2013 - Zack Teoh

Cardz Royale is pleased to be able to interview Malaysia Player of Year 2013 - Zack Teoh as he visits Singapore on the last weekend of 2013.

Zack Teoh
Asian Championship Qualifier Malaysia Finals 2013 1st-Runners up
World Championship Qualifier Malaysia Finals 2013 Winner
Malaysia Top Shop Tournament 2013 Winner

Malaysia Player of the Year 2013: Zack Teoh

CR: Hello Zack, we want to thank you for agreeing to this interview. Could you tell us more about yourself?

Z: Hello everyone, I am 21 years old, currently undergoing my ACCA course. I have played Yu-Gi-Oh! for 8 years so far.

CR: I see. Zack, how do you feel about the year 2013 with regards to the game?

Z: I find that the game has changed drastically. The revamped Forbidden & Restricted List, which would be adjusted 4 times a year means a world of difference to all duelist.
However, even as the metagame remains to be fast-paced, since the release of Trishula, I remain confident in my dragons.

Z: On top of this, the standards of Malaysian players have improved as well, probably due to the increased exchange with players from Singapore. This is good for everyone, and I hope that not only playing standards, but also tournament organising standards will improve with this exchange to make future events run smoother than presently.

CR: Aside from this, what do you feel should be changed in Malaysia?

Z: Personally, I find that information from official channels are few and far between. This makes a lot of players unaware of changes to the scene. I hope this situation would change in the near future.

CR: Do you feel Malaysia, as a country, would finally be able to breakthrough the  achievement of top 8 finish in World Championship in the near future?

Z: Without a doubt, the improvement in standards of players will allow us to stake a claim beyond top 8 in World Championship. What's important is that we maintain a top-8 finish until we do so.

Z: On a side note, I do hope that we will be able to travel together with other representatives from the region to World Championship on long-haul flights. Travelling alone does affect your mood prior to the championship.

CR: As a player who has finish in podium standings for all major individual tournament you participated in Malaysia this year, what do you feel about the community in Singapore?

Z: My trip has shown me that the metagame of the 2 countries are vastly different. Card choices by players varies significantly as a result.

Z: I do feel that the general community in Singapore is more competitive than the average in Malaysia. This could be because we have a lot more budding players who are new to the game and are still picking it up.

CR: What would you suggest to new players in order to improve their game?

Z: My suggestion would be to try to look at other country's metagame, understand their choice of cards and decks. Video clips would be very helpful in general.

Z: On top of that you also need to be more patient, to persevere and not give up after losing while learning. Everyone gets better in time.

CR: That's great advice. Zack, what would be your goal in 2014?

Z: To represent Malaysia for World Championship again!!!

CR: Thanks for your time Zack, we wish you all the best in your endeavour.

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