Tuesday, 14 January 2014

2014 Season 1 Conclusion! Season MVP announced!

Active Cardz Series 2014 Season 1 Qualifier concluded with the curtains drawn out on Q8 last Saturday, 11/01/2014.

29 Competitors showed up for their last shot to earn an invite to Season Playoffs!
From the very onset, it was clear that there was a war on 2 spectrum of the scoreboard:
  • The competition to be Season MVP by virtue of scoring 1st from all qualifiers
  • The scramble to finish within top 16 of the series to earn the playoff invite.
Active Cardz Series 2014 Season 1 Pre-Q8 Ranking

Entering Q8 as Season MVP Contenders are the following:

Cassandra had the maginal lead over Jonas. 5 points was all that was between the 2 contender at the start of the day. Jun Yuan trails by a distance, 20 points behind Cassandra. The MVP title was for anyone to win!

Tournament Bracket, Q8:

In a clash of titans matchup: Cassandra and Jonas would meet each other in the Upper Bracket 3rd Round:
Glory, Honor and 1 Box of Gold Series 2014 is on the line!
Jonas would take the duel 2-1 after a catastrophic misplay by Cassandra to summon Stardust Spark Dragon over Stardust Dragon while she had 2 Traps on her field. Jonas unlocked the game with a Heavy Storm!

A victory over Cassandra, and the MVP title was all for Jonas to lose as he leads Cassandra 5 points at this juncture, but who is to foresee that Qian Rui, who has been quiet for most of the season would take down Jonas to send the MVP fight into overtime!
Qian Rui vs Shaun Lin: Both of them played a part in eliminating both Cassandra and Jonas from this series.
When all dust had settled, Cassandra and Jonas would be tied on scores. However, due to marginally superior tie-breakers, Cassandra would take home the Season MVP Title and a box of Gold Series 2014!
Active Cardz Series 2014 Season 1 MVP: Cassandra Ang

Q8 Podiums:

Active Cardz Series 2014 Season 1 Q8 2nd Runner-up: Shaun, Lin
Active Cardz Series 2014 Season 1 1st Runner-up: Jun Jie
Active Cardz Series 2014 Season 1 Winner: Qian Rui

Q8 Scoring Result:

Active Cardz Series 2014 Season 1 Q8 Scoring Result

2014 Season 1 Overall Ranking:

Active Cardz Series 2014 Season 1 Overall Ranking
Details for Championship playoff would be announced over this week.

Active Game Collections and Cardz Royale would like to thank all participants for their support of the inaugural Active Cardz Series. We sincerely hope you had enjoy this series, and look forward to bringing you better series in future!

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