Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Active Cardz Series Refer-A-Friend Offer and Season MVP Prize announced!

Active Game Collections and Cardz Royale is pleased to announce the Refer-A-Friend Offer for the on-going Active Cardz Series.


Simply refer a friend who has yet to join any of Active Cardz Series Qualifiers for this season, and both of you will enjoy $1 off from your Entry.

This means more value for you and your friend, as the Entry Fee of $8 $7 will net you :

  1. A shot to winning the weekly prize pool, 
  2. Chance to accumulate points to be invited to the Season Finals on 18 January 2014,
  3. 1 x Gold Series 2014 Box for the MVP who has accumulate the most points at the end of the seasons qualifiers, Q8.
  4. A lucky draw slot for a Gold Series 2014 Box.
  5. A free can drink to quench your thirst.

Season MVP Prize

Readers who have been following us closely will be aware of the previously unannounced MVP prize for the inaugural season of Active Cardz Series.

It has been confirmed that the prize for MVP of the season will be awarded a Gold Series 2014 Box Set.

To earn this prize, competitors must be ranked 1st overall from all 8 qualifiers of the season. Tiebreakers applied for the league rules will be used in the event of tied scores.

Survey thus far

20 participants have earned an additional chance to win the GOld Series 2014 Box Set from the Lucky Draw to be held on Seasons finals by participating in the Survey.

Completing it should not take longer than 10 minutes, but will contribute towards the continuously development of Active Cardz Series in enhancing the Tournament Experience that we can deliver.

So we urge you to take a few minutes of your precious time to provide invaluable feedback to us, so we know what are your opinion of the series so far.

Thank you for your support.

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