Monday, 11 November 2013

Active Cardz Series 2014 Q2 Coverage

Active Cardz Series 2014 Q2 held at Active Game Collections on 9th Nov 2013.

Active Cardz Series 2014 Q2- Registration is underway.
Not even the showers will drench the passion of the competitors. Eden arrives fully drenched, but not extinguished by the rain.

And Q2 begins with 20 participants! Who will regime supreme today?

Calvin, Ang (in white) playing against Melvin. Calvin is no stranger to podium finishes, winning Top Shop Singapore Qualifier 2012 and finishing as Finalist in Asian Championship 2012 Singapore Finalist. How far will Calvin go today?
Felgrand making things difficult on one half of the field, and lifting the mood on the other half.
With Asian Championship Plus looming round the corner, its no surprise we see less common decks being played.

Michael, Santoso (AKA Bahamut84 from Dueling Days) clashes with resident Dark World Player - Vishal, Dharshan.
Sam, Kee laying the smackdown with a torrent of monsters!

Calvin, Ang playing against Justin, Yeo in a Prophecy vs Bujin matchup!
Michael, Santoso demonstrates how to pull off drawing bad hand drawing multiples copies.
His quote of the day:" No bad hand, they say..."

Eden vs Jun Yuan, Soh: Another, but not "yet another" Elemental Dragon Mirror Matchup!
Gavin, Hum's No. 85: Crazy Box which brought so much excitement to the spectators makes its debut in Active Cardz Series.

Gavin, Hum vs Justin, Yeo squaring off for the shot to face the undefeated Sam, Kee in the Overall Finals.
Justin, Yeo planning his move meticulously.
Gavin, Hum and his Rescue Rabbit.

Justin improves on his 5th position for Q1 into 3rd for Q2. Will he bring it further in Q3?

And the Finals commence!

Moment of the day: Sam has Mermail Abyssgaios and Gavin, Hum summons No. 85: Crazy Box. Turns later, Gavin uses its effect (amidst the outburst of excitement from the spectators left)

Gavin and his d... Crazy Box! 1st Runner-up for Q2!
Sam takes Top Spot in the Season Ranking thus far with his Two-in-Two podium finish. Will his streak continue?

Scores for the day: Updated Season Ranking:

We would like to thank all participants and spectators today who supported us. Q3 will return on 1st December 2013, in view of Asian Championship Plus Qualifiers and Singapore Finals.

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