Sunday, 3 November 2013

Active Cardz Series 2014 Q1 Coverage

Active Cardz Series 2014 blast off with Q1 of the series this afternoon at Active Game Collections.

Active Cardz Series 2014 has begun!

 15 Competitors competed for Qualifier - Q1, all hoping to stamp-mark their place into the Season Finals - F1 on 18th Jan 2014.

Shaun and Javier trying to outplay each other.
Foreground: National Champion 2011 Daniel Ang playing friendly match against Sam.
Background: Jun Yuan and Xin focused on their game.
Jonas vs Jonas in a Bujin vs Elemental Dragons matchup.
Sam vs Jonas Bai: Who will be Number 3?
Q1 2nd Runners-up: Sam, Kee
Q1 1st Runners-up: Jonas, Bai (Right)
Melvin (Left) who loaned Jonas the Bujin deck for the day.

Q1 Winner: Jonas, Tai
Full Bracket

We would like to thank all participants and spectators today who supported us. Stay tune for Q2 on 9th Nov!

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